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Wade Neumeister is a Creative Director living smack between Philly and NYC.

I want to build amazing digital advertising experiences for your customers. A Display Advertising Creative Director with proven expertise in Visual Design, UX, and the Amazon advertising platforms including mobile, (Fire)tablet, desktop, AAP, FireTV, and Alexa. The right message for the right customer. Bringing design leadership, strong communication, and proven creativity to every project. Ad tech veteran with 7 years at Pointroll outside of Philly followed by another lucky 7 growing the creative team in Amazon's NYC headquarters. For the past 5 years, I have served as the Creative Director for Amazon's CPG vertical. If you throw a rock in a grocery store, it will hit a brand my teams have worked on. Let's launch something great together.




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We can chat live, 267-934-5584, my email is, or you can use this professional looking form which alerts the government immediately.

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